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ServerMate - High Availability Redundancy Solutions

SM-HARS is a simple software to be installed on two redundant servers, that addresses the potential loss of functionality and data in the event of an application/server failure. The HARS module enables the easy and quick set-up of redundancy, load balancing and replication mechanisms.

Product Features

  • Application service unavailability in critical time leads to unexpected data loss and in some cases it causes security disaster that results in irrevocable consequences. It is important for any IT infrastructure to ensure the high availability of their critical applications that can ensure minimal downtime smooth transition in case of application or hardware failures.
  • Different application services can be associated with the redundancy of each service such as application and database, which allows the optimal efficiency in many architectures.
  • Our HARS module ensures the high availability of Application Service via our exclusive Service Heartbeat Rendering (SHR) algorithm. HARS runs in two modes either as in Primary Secondary Architecture (PSA) mode and This or That (TOT) mode.
  • PSA mode allows application to switch back to primary server as soon as that primary is recovered from failure. TOT mode allows clients to access application on either server until the detection of faults on another server.

When it Acts?

The activation of redundant service may occur in possible multiple fault detection situations as discussed below:

  • Inoperability of primary or main server due to hardware failure or software crash
  • Stopping of Service Heartbeat i.e. the Application Service stops being active on the main server
  • Stopping of communication on the network – Handshake between the main server and the secondary server is not detected
  • The switch is forced by the administrator (Manual switching in case of maintenance on Primary Server)

How it Works?

SM-HARS can be configured to work in different network architecture whether the clients are requesting in same subnet or in different subnet. Our trained experts can help to arrive right configuration needed depends on the application network environment.

Virtual IP address is provided either on the load balancer or directly in the primary server’s Ethernet card. Virtual IP address is a common IP address provided to the clients in addition to the two physical IP addresses of application server A and application server B.

SM-HARS allows administrator via its dashboard to associate virtual IP address to the MAC address of primary server. Administrator can configure the failover server with MAC address of server B. Also administrator can define the running service to be monitored with its PID and Port number.

Once the configuration is saved and initiated, SM-HARS starts monitoring the heartbeat of both the servers and keep logging its status. In case of failure at server A, SM-HARS automatically triggers Gratuitous ARP that reroute clients ARP to MAC address of Server B. Application restart will be triggered on server B by SM-HARS to reinitiate all client requests.

Thus the failover is achieved in around 1 min or less RTO.

Product Highlights

Application Scenarios

  • Virtual IP Address
  • Dedicated and Exclusive Services Level Heartbeat Rendering and Monitoring
  • No dedicated hardware required
  • Load balancing feature (Optional)
  • Directory replication (Optional)
  • Failover due to Server Hardware
  • Failover due to network failure
  • Failover due to Software crash
  • Manual switching between primary and secondary servers
  • Optional Application Restart without switching
  • CCTV & Video Surveillance
  • Access Control & Security Systems
  • Electronic Vehicle Identification
  • Healthcare
  • Digital Signages & Broadcasting
  • Industrial Process Automation
  • Banking & Finance