About ASHR


ASHR Datatech Private Limited is formed with the vision of Simplifying the challenges in Data Science and make the ever progressing data technologies not only affordable also benefecial to the customers who are in need of business intelligence, real time monitoring and analytics solutions for the upliftment of their businesses. Our strengths lies in the extent of experience and exposure to the similar domain. We strongly believe that Data Science is not complete without the Domain Expertise in addition to Computing, Mathematics and Stastics Skills. ASHR Team involve themselves in client's domain to ensure that nothing is missed out.

ASHR's developers are being continously trained to be solution oriented than technology oriented. We strive to deliver the best of solutions by bringing in every possible technology to address client's problems. We committed to the delivery with utmost quality and minimal bugs. Our after sales support process and debugging team ensures that your business is continuing and flourishing without hurdles. Thank you for your interest with us. Contact us to have our representative talk to you.

Meet Our Team

Mohammed Hishamudeen

Managing Director

Zia Ul Akthar

Solution Architect

Abu Saud

Senior Developer


PHP Developer